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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sugar We're Going Down Swinging

Today I sat down and talked with my supervisor. I must say here that I had just downed a blue Monster, and I was bouncing off the walls to begin with. I must give background, well, because that's what I do. They "moved directions" at my job in January. Or rather, January 1 was the anticipated "go live date," though February 1 was the date that everything actually went live. Up until February 1, we ALL took retail merchants, and we trained them on how to sell financing. After this date, they took EVERYONE off of this function except for myself, a new girl, and a veteran employee. There was one other girl with us at the time who is, ahem, no longer with the company. All of the people who would cease to be trainers expected this change to happen early January, and as such, most stopped doing work. They fell into, "well, that's not really my job anymore," and created a ridiculous backlog of accounts that the rest of us didn't realize were there and being ignored. So now we are looking at our January numbers and they suck. The reasoning doesn't matter. Anything you may say to defend the suckiness; the neglect on accounts, the fact that we're asking people to activate in the slowest retail month of the year - none of that matters. It's business and it all comes down to the numbers.

As one of the "senior reps" (for as much as I can be called that, being there all of 8 months now), I am given the more difficult accounts. Furniture stores, Flooring stores... These places can't activate right away, cause they can't charge their customers until they deliver. By default, I can train someone today, they could get a customer on board today, and that account may not activate until June depeding on date of delivery. But ah, such is life.
In addition to that, I am working directly with the VP of the Consumer Electronics division of GE on a new program they have for ABD Distributors (Appliance Builder Distributors). I may get an email from him, it may be attached to anything from 1 to (so far) 13 trainings, and this email requires immediate attention (as in, contact all locations NOW). I am also on a new pilot that has us contracted to train certain merchants within 48 hours of them signing up with the program. I get a list for this that also requires immediate attention.
Translation: "I need to sharpen my time management skills."
Because along with these two pilots, I have the most difficult accounts that we manage, AND I am one of two people responsible for putting together a new 2 week long orientation program for new hires.
So today I sit down with my boss to have my review. All good things. Raise? Nope. First time in my life I've ever NOT gotten a raise at my review. Do I think this decision was wrong? No. I wouldn't have given me a raise, either. The numbers are not there. I am not even within the margin of where I should be. Is there realistic reason for why not? Absolutely. Does that matter? Not in business, it doesn't. I have been in that position. I spent one weekend a month for six years writing other people's reviews, and had to make many decisions on pay increase. I would have made the same decision.
I know personally that my numbers for February and March have already surpassed January. Why? Because in February and March I was not cleaning up other people's shit. But it's a numbers game. I know that my boss felt bad. I could tell that he expected my reaction to be different. I told him:
It is what it is. You don't have to sit and try and justify, you don't have to appologize. I am at a point where I nod and say "okay" with this job. What else can I do? You want me to explain my numbers? No - I won't try and justify numbers that suck, because anything I can say can be countered with, "but that's the nature of the beast," or else it's just bitching and excuses. NEXT review, however, when I hit your numbers based on MY OWN WORK, and you look at the new pilots I do and the OT I put in and the training program that you should be paying outside help several thousands of dollars for, remember me and give me my insulting 41 cents or whatever you feel may work. Because it is what it is.
I think that this scared him. You see, I was about to quit when he came on. As in, ready to start another job in 2 weeks. I blew it off because of him. And he knows it. He knows that while the pay and hours are good, it is possible to meet both. He also knows that I am a loyal, honest, hard working person. Reality check for those of you who have never supervised others: People like me are not easy to come by. He doesn't have anything to worry about today. Three months from now, however, we'll see. Because I know that there are people that sit in that room that make DOLLARS, not cents, more than I do per hour, and they surf the fucking internet. So we'll see.


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