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Sunday, February 12, 2006

So it's been a while....

So I haven't written in just over two months... In that time, alot has occurred. I will try and some it up with out writing a novella. I will say that if you want my "in the heat of the moment" writing on some of these things, check out my MySpace blog, as I have been updating that one.
So Francesca came out the week between Christmas and New Years. I love seeing her but it breaks my heart every time she has to leave :(.
Arthur came out here. Two weeks ago he called, left a message on Jenny's VM: "Pick up Jenny, if you're mad, forget it for a minute, I really need to talk to you," (she was at work, can't answer the phone). Next message: "Jen, come on, I am trying to mapquest my way to your apartment, need your address...".
Okay, for those not in the know, I live in Vegas, Arthur lives in CHICAGO. She gets a hold of him, she's on her way to her second job and calls me: "San, Arthur is coming out here. He's driving, he's leaving tomorrow, says he needs to stay for about a month. Can you call Gramma and explain it to her............No, he didn't tell me why, he said he'd explain when he gets here."
For those not in the know, again, my sister and i are still in college. I live with my parents, Jenny lives with my Grandma about a block away. It's not like he's sleeping on our couch in Worth. He's imposing on our family.
The long and short of it, Arthur drove out by himself, blew a tire in Utah, took him about 3 days to get here, arrived on Monday. Still didn't know why he had come, checked his MySpace which rendered him "single," lots of angry messages towards someone named Ricky. We think it's because his girl was fucking one of his friends. We also thought that happy potions were somehow involved, but as this is published on the internet, well, I'll leave that alone.
Arthur has been through some shit. Sometimes I drive, just need to clear my head, so I understand the concept of getting away. The first day he got here, he said he didn't think he was going back. The second, he said he was going back on Saturday morning. So Friday night, we're out bowling. It's like 2 in the morning, Arthur's phone rings. It's Mike ~ Francesca's ex, Arthur's old best friend. Arthur had sent him a picture message on his phone of one of the casinos, Mike freaked out and jumped in the car, he is on his way to Vegas.
This is inconvenient, as Arthur is leaving in the morning.
They straighten things out, agree to meet half way, and will return to Illinois.
So, as I have been put out of my room for a week (I let Arthur have my room and have been shacking up with Jenny), I am tired and glad that the whole ordeal is over.
We'll call that story my friend update.
At work, I am going out of my freaking mind. I don't like feeling like my opinion is just an inconvenience, and I get that sometimes. Fucking Jerks. I also feel like if I don't nod and say, "okay, you are the emporor or the universe and what ever you say must be infallible," then I will be attacked.
The fact, I am a smart girl and I know how to take things in stride. If I bother opening my mouth, it's going to be for a good reason that is valid to an issue at hand, and usually a bigger issue over all.
My new found reason for getting up and going to work everyday: making the people who get paid 4 times what I do feel like the fucking idiots that they are at every possible opportunity, and in a very professional way.


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