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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So I'm worried about work. Mostly because I don't like it anymore. I know myself, too. Work for me is like a relationship. You must have patience, compromise, and above all else maintain interest.

I'm running out of patience. And I don't feel like I have anyone to make a compromise with. I think that I do well, my numbers would suggest as much. But I feel like I'm the one that they don't mind sweeping aside if they need someone, well, to sweep aside. It's getting frusterating. I can't maintain interest because they keep switching my tasks. I can't monitor my progress on tasks one and two if I'm already onto task #4, which is comprised of something completely different...

I've started the job hunt again. It's killing me because my work hours really are lovely, and they work out nicely with my school schedule. I've got an interview on Friday doing the exact same thing (or close enough that my operational function will be exactly the same), but this company has tuition reimbursement :).

I try and keep it interesting while I'm there. Doing this could have gotten me into some serious trouble yesterday. The conversation went like this:
COWORKER: I really think you'd enjoy having sex with me.
ME: Yeah, probably. You pay attention to detail. Yeah, not the smartest two sentences. The problem is not what was said though, it's that when we turned around, our supervisor was right behind us, within earshot.

And, if this were not enough, we have a new supervisor that started this week. He was sitting with me, sort of observing, and my instant messanger on my work phone went off. What did it say? "You want to touch my tra la la." Five minutes later: "Hooker." Thank Goodness my new supe has a sense of humor...

So, I'm kind of walking on egg shells for at least a week. I made the mistake of giving the one guy my number, only because I WOULD like to sleep with him, just because he does pay attention to detail and I DO think he'd be fun, but I WON'T, as we not only work together but are sitting practically on top of eachother now. Ah, such is life.

On that, I found my ex-whatever on MySpace. That felt like someone sucker punched me, even after all these years. I debated about dropping a hello. I did it eventually. We've had cordial email conversation a few times since. It's good to know that he's okay... I wish I didn't contact him, though. Stupid cold. Had I just NOT had a fever and NOT been medicated, there's NO WAY I would have gone there. I guess I've learned to depend on hating him. Now that I can't anymore, there's something that feels kind of empty...


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