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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Nancy is Gone.

I don't know if I've spouted off about the raise thing yet on here, and if I go back and look through my past entries it will alter what I will write here (so I'm going to assume I didn't and sum it up). I've been upset at work because I haven't known whether I'm getting paid what I should be getting paid. I now know how the scale for things like this goes at work, so long story short, I won't bitch for another 2 and a half months. If my six month rolls around and there is not an increase, I will be upset (solely due to the restructuring my company has seen in the past few months).

Okay, now I cheated and looked back at my posts. But only because now Nancy is gone and I wanted to read what I wrote about the first time that I met her. Not too much except that we hit it off (if you're curious, it's in the "So I got a new Job" post). For those not in the know, Nancy was my supervisor. Note the word "was." And sinse I haven't covered too much of her up until this point, I am going to sum her up: Nancy is who I want to be in 15 years (20? I'll give her the benefit if the doubt :)). She was well liked, well respected, and spoke her mind. She is a real woman. She left for many of the same reasons I left LIDS. The company is going in a new direction, in such a way that it affects the way she needs to achieve her results, and she took a stand. So while I am sad to see her go, for purely selfish reasons, I have to say More Power To Her for reasons I know too well. This link will get you to a picture of Nancy about 2 years ago. For the record, she is cuter now. She has better hair :) http://www.cdslv.com/management.html


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