Dreft; and Things Just Like It.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dreft, and Things Just Like It.

Yeah, I'm a nerd. I keep things like email. I wrote an email a while ago to Francesca my love, and it encompasses all of what "Dreft" means. If you're not in the mood for cheesey, I suggest you stop reading this right now. If you're in the mood to be profound and cheesey, by all means read on!


The most untrue and blatantly wrong thing that I have ever witnessed come
from you was in your last email. You said, "honestly i think i live life
everyday just because I have to."
Don't you know? Haven't you learned yet? We live life for one reason and
one reason alone: eachother. You are living for me and for Jenny; if it
weren't for you, neither one of us could possibly know that the love we have
for eachother is not purely sisterly. We know that that strong kind of die
for you love is non-discriminitory because we love you, too, just as much as
we love each other. You live everyday for your cousins, so they can see
what it's supposed to be, even when they hate you for making them see the
things that they don't want to look at. You live for your mother and
father, you are one of the biggest reasons that they have purpose. You live
for Tanya, as a constant reminder of what should be. You live for gangster,
whether you care about him or not, you represent a hope that his life, with
or without you, doesn't always have to be crappy. You live for your ex
Mike, you are like a drug for him. He calls on you at really bad times in
his life because like gangster, whether he cares about you as a person or
not, for him, you represent what is hopeful and what is better.

We live for eachother. Even when we don't want to be what we're in school
for. When we screw up and disappoint ourselves, eachother, those that do
and those that don't matter. When we have nothing to do on a Saturday
night, or too much to do on a Friday, even if all of the things we're doing
dont' seem to mean anything...
We live for eachother.
And please don't ever forget that.
Because if I have to remind you and get the type of writers cramp that I
have right now, I may just develope carpol tunnel syndrom and then I will
never write to you again. Hooker.

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