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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Crazy Cheerleader Costume

Okay, final picture of this, I promise. Here's the story:
Every year, Margaritaville (http://www.margaritaville.com/) does Buffett weekend. This is actually two weekends, the two that Jimmy Buffett is in town doing his concert. Each Saturday of this event, the employees at Margaritaville get to dress up however they want. Jenny decided it would be cute to be the Margaritaville Cheerleader (University of Margaritaville is a marketted thing ~ any Parrotheads out there know what we're talking about). Anyhow, as Halloween is coming up, we hit the stores looking for a cheerleading outfit. They all sucked. Someone at the Costume Shop recommended the porn shop. After a very embarassing incident involving me not having my ID and being kicked out, we went to another porn store and saw what you see in the picture. It actually came with a British flag neck tie and is meant to be a school girl uniform, but we're creative.
Two trips to Wal*Mart and about $10.00 later, this is our finished product. "The Hunt" involved finding undies that would cover her bootie if she had to pick something up, cute socks, and something for her hair.
The hair and make up took a while (as Jenny does have staigher than straight hair!), but the end result was great! She got a lot of attention (surprise, surprise) and actually got to meet Jimmy Buffett!Posted by Picasa


  • HAHAHAHA!!! Your sis is cute. LOL Tell her I said so. And that I say 'hi'.

    By Anonymous Jared, at 6:06 PM  

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