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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sandies Blondes

How can I put it... Sexy is different things to different people. I don't care what you look like, someone out there finds you attractive. If you think you're hot, that helps too. Confidence is sexy.

So I died my hair blonde. Really blonde. And since I did this, more people check me out, without question. I was mistaken for a hooker a few times this past weekend, and on the last occurrance, the drunk man kept saying, "such beautiful blonde hair." Eeewwww.
Here's the thing though: it's YELLOW blonde. If you didn't know me yesterday, you wouldn't think I'm a natural blonde today. You can tell it's fake. I'd post a pic, but the batteries are dead in my camera :(.

My biggest problem is that I am not comfortable with it. Like I said, I am getting noticed a lot more than I did last week, but it doesn't feel right. I am usually VERY comfortable in my own skin. I know I have good features and bad, things about me that are hot and things that are not, but one way or another I've come to terms with all of it over time. I am happy with myself and I am rarely ever self-concious. Now, this is all I can think about. Whether it's good or bad, I am not comfortable, which destroys my self confidence. (I usually walk around like I know I'm hot - because I am, to someone. And everyone else I'm not worried enough about to NOT walk around like I'm hot).

So what do I do right now? How do I learn to walk again?


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