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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Off Track

WOW, did I get off track with that one! That last post is something that I rarely-to-never speak about, so I had to go with it when it kept coming. I actually sat down that day to get something else off my mind.

Kevin. Kevin whom I love and is in my heart, Kevin whom is one of my first "adult friends," Kevin whom I rarely EVER see, seldom talk to, but respect greatly, knew exactly what to say when I sat at a loss for words.

My original relationship with Kevin was basically two people that are both too smart for their own good; too informed for the simple world that they perferred to live in, finding friendship in finally finding someone similar to themselves. At least, that's how I see it. He may have a different synapsis :). But we had very different life experiences. He was one that I listened alot with, but very seldomnly spoke of myself about. I was happy to listen, happy to know that someone thinks like I do. Just about anything he said, I could relate to. If I couldn't, I would find him fascinating.

Then he disappeared. I remember thinking that he was mad at me, but having no idea why. Then I remember having a vague clue, but shooting it down as illogical. I remeber thinking he was dead. Or possibly dead. I called, got no return. I emailed, got no response. I was worried. I almost called his house. I rememeber someone saying to me, "Sandy, I haven't seen your grandfather in months, how is he doing?" a few months after my grandpa passed away. It destroyed me for weeks. I didn't want to call Kevin's parents house if something HAD happened and do that to his mother or father.

Then I moved to Vegas. I worked at the airport, and one day he was there. It was a fluke of a job, I did it because I could work anytime I wanted (I was a freaking change girl for airport slots. Tips were good. But I don't even claim it on my resume). I turned around one day, and Kevin was there. I can not even begin to explain the level to which that tripped me out.

But Kevin is one of my friends. One of my real friends. And everything happens for a reason. I had that job for little more than a month. I rarely ever worked the shift I was on that day. And I hardly ever worked in that area. I had just come off my break and was actually leaving in a two hour time span. The chances of us even encounterring eachother being in that airport at the same time are very slim. Maybe the only reason I was supposed to work there was to be reunited with someone who meant so much to me. Who knows? Now we try to keep in touch regularly.

But Kevin is grown up now for real. Sounds stupid, but it's true. He's grown into his skin. Which means that I can listnen, and I get to talk. In the past he would hardly give me an opinion, unless it dealt directly with himself, because, "...I don't really know...". Whatever. I think now he realizes that an opinion of a friend doesn't have to be at expertise consultant level, it has to be at for-your-won-good-in-your-situation-because-I'm-your-friend level.

That was rambling, I know, but I am getting to the point. A few days ago I was about to have a nervous breakdown, and Kevin helped me out. He said exactly what I needed to hear, gave me advice without trying to, and was a very objective soundboard. And I needed that. A year ago, I couldn't have had that conversation. I appreciate it.
Thanks Kev.


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