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Monday, September 05, 2005

Gin Blossoms

We knew we would be rushed. Jenny (or Jennifer, as she has people call her here) didn't get off work until 5:45 and the concert started at 7. Of course she couldn't go without fixing her hair and makeup, and we knew we'd be drinking so we had to eat. We got to the casino where the concert was being held at 7:15.
Waiting in line to buy tickets at the box office, a guy comes up to us and asks if we are going to see the Gin Blossoms. Of course!!! Turns out this guy had two extra V.I.P. passes, and he gave them to us! So we saved the money on the tickets, got free food, V.I.P. access (our own table and waitress), and free drinks all night. Since we lucked out so well, we tried to pay it forward by tipping the waitress well.
The Gin Blossoms were awsome. They played their set and stayed for an encore. The lead singer was taking peoples' cell phones and singing into them, taking pictures with fans and with the band, and was out in the crowd signing autographs (Jenny got her ticket autographed). I got drunk enough to a.) lose $10.00 gambling afterwards and b.) not go to the ATM.
This weekend Jenny has been the light drinker and thus the designated driver. Talk about reversed rolls! Honestly, though, it's good for her to learn how to drink a little. In general, she can't drink without getting plowed, so this weekend has been good for her (we went to Freemont street yesterday and had some yard long drinks ((that's right, I said "some"!!))). Regretting not taking a camera either day and watching Kevin Smith be the genius he is in a great forum, I am logging off now.


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