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Friday, September 02, 2005

Do What You Can.

Before I die, I want to have enough money to be a philanthropist. If another U.S. city goes down like New Orleans just did, I would like to be able to make a significant contribution. For this particular disaster, the most I can afford to offer is my prayer.
I am doing something proactive on a local level, though. It has completely sickened me to drive around Las Vegas and see all the people living here that have no real place to live. There are not many shelters, and the ones that do exist are not always accessible. As wrong as it sounds, I am not as worried about adults in that position. It’s the kids that upset me. Kids that end up prostituting themselves for a meal or two and that don’t have any hope of becoming much more than what they already are.
So I joined an organization called Stand Up For Kids.
I know that a few of you have respectable positions in some influential, wealthy companies. If you know of any that are looking to get involved in charity work, please pass this name along and work the “tax deductible” angle if necessary. Or, just as well, get involved! This problem exists everywhere and this organization has grown to 20 (or is it 30?) cities.
Anyhow, do what you can. That’s all any of us really can do. And if all of us really did, well, then this world would be a much better place for us to live.
P.S. Volunteering makes you feel good…


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  • Hey Sandy,

    Unlike the Blog spammer, I'm not here to post a link.

    I'm with StandUp For Kids in Houston. I just thought I'd drop you a note to say welcome to the org.

    Take Care.

    sean AT standupforkids DOT org

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 PM  

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