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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yeah, you know Me.

So if you've been to my blogger before EVER, you have figured out that I love music. Mostly for the lyrics. Mostly because I love words. Yes, I am aware that I just used two fragments in a row. I had an English teacher once tell me that it is okay to break the rules of the English language once you know the rules, because there are ways to break the rules correctly. We call these "exceptions." Don't you feel a bit more educated now that I have shared my secret with you?

Anyhow, I wanted to share two of my favorite songs with you that are not of the typical Sandy-lyric-loving-persuasion; one has hardly any lyrics and the other is way too wordy. I tried to make it so that one of these songs would play when you open this link, but alas I have spent almost an hour with no success yet. I'm just not patient enough to keep going with it at the moment. Feel free, if you have the time or the inclanation, to download Beck's "Sexx Laws" and/or Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Love Rollercoaster." The latter may be a bit harder to find, some people don't realize rollercoaster is one word, and unfortunately some of these people have internet publishing jobs... Also, MXPX do some great remixes of some great oldies.

Anyhow, both of these songs make me feel good when I listen to them, the same way a country song that sounds like you life affects you. Kevin, you reading this? That's right, I have developed a liking for SOME country music now that I live in the Southwest. If it's between Kanye for the 7th time in a day or trying something new, you never know.


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