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Monday, August 29, 2005


I was driving to work like usual on Friday morning. It was about 5:35am, and for once I was listening to the news (I am certainly NOT in the habit of doing this). For anyone in Las Vegas reading this, I am sure you've already heard the story. For the rest of you, go to this site, and bare in mind that it is much shorter and less graphic than the picture the morning news people were painting. http://www.klas-tv.com/Global/story.asp?S=3770724&nav=168XdnbY
Whenever I hear that someone dies in a car accident here, especially when it's over the weekend and near the strip, I have to wonder if they were local or not. Especially a freak accident like this one. Was there a mom, a boyfriend, a kid in Idaho somewhere waiting for mom to come home on Monday? There are only two people that know exactly what caused her to leave the cab. If she hadn't had a friend with, would they have possibly been able to identify the remains? They shut down the highway for 4 hours. Four hours. They NEVER shut the highways down, not even for pile-ups.


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