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Saturday, August 20, 2005

He graduated NIU with a political science degree. He found a job based on his experience in the NIU alumni cash-drive call center. The job was with University of Phoenix, and he quit shortly after based on the higher moral ground he possesses. He is now in a job that can possibly be his career; he is happy and there is growth potential.
So why is this in MY little blog? Because. When he quit, he said, "Sandy, be careful of these private universities, particularly the online ones. They charge large application fees to people they prey on, people who were once in school and they know need to go back, people who..." Translation: Don't put false hope somewhere when someone wants access to your bank account.
The reason this is on my mind lately is because I am now officially enrolled in DeVry University, where one credit is the same price as three whole classes at my previous community college. The good news is that I am almost at my B.A. Thank God.

My dad has been giving me a hard time since I graduated high school about getting into the electrical union apprenticeship. I did summer help for three years; two years A card and one year C card. What this means: For two years I got into ditches and carried pipe up flights of stairs. I organized screws by size and was up and down 8' ladders. For one year I splinted wires and checked connections in the phone version of fuse boxes.
I didn't hate it, but there was absolutely no passion there for me. I would honestly rather be slinging shoes or hats than be an electrician. Why? Because everday there are different people, with different lives, different experiences... Longer term, I had my crew. I did what I could to help them in their lives, and I learned a lot from their experiences. There is an art in dealing with people. People are essays, construction is algebra. Exact.... I HATE exact...
But Had I listened to my dad all those years ago, I would be through with the apprenticeship, I would be a union member and make at least 50k per year plus have great benifits. So when I change my career path every 3 months, I hear it. I hear it again and again and again.

I am at a point where I hate talking to my dad. I mean, aside from the obvious reason (he's crazy unless he takes his pills, and he only takes them randomly...)
I just hope that he realizes that this time is the last time, and I have made a major commitment. And then the "...school that preys off of college drop outs that are really desperate to finish their degrees..." circles my brain.

In general, I am a confident person. I HATE self doubt. Hate it. This whole education thing has me there. Because I love school. I LOVE it. If I could be a professional student, I would be in school for life. But I HATE the politics...


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