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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A Poem,

Is it bad that i still have a poem from a boyfriend of almost five years ago? Is it worse that i don't know if it was meant for me? This poem touched me, only because it made me understand that other people think too. Until this point, I always just thought I was strange. I guess that in itself makes me wierd...
Trevor, if you ever happen to stumble upon this blog, i know that you know your own work. E-mail me and let me know.
the sun and the moon, still hung by waivering molds of insignificance bear no light to the elequence of life's impending tale.
astounding is what life has become quite so early, it seemed, to live and bask in the moonlight could save the soul and even prepare it for the uncertainty of the sun.
the moon bares just enough light though to show emotions locked inside a temple of gold.
what is thought to be shown within these tmeples of gold, is a self, full with convicion and understnding for life; seemingly once thought to be unknown.
inside, a shadow of light peeks around th etchings of past lives so full of passion and desire, it makes the heart jump, and your brain, for once, go home.
as a guide to fulfillment, purity and grace are shown, but the road that lies ahead surely has something remakable to behold.
never had this brain, which plageus any clue to happiness, ceased to exist so completely.
the light now shines through the gold doors, which seal the temple of the heart.
on the face of ancient beginnings, light shines a new era of confidence and truth.
sunshine now invades all five sences meant to feel this world, with all its glory.
the heart can face any peril along the way becuase of those stoic etchings bathed in light so bold.
damage to what was thought to be know, the likes of fear and doubt, can never be held so close to that place once unknown.
to find an answer used to be once every full moon, but that beautifully horrid, dim bluish light only brought more questions with an answer.
trying to know everything can be foolish, but knowing everything of nothing can never be used in the quest for purity and love.
the dim light of the moon can confuse the strongest of souls because it holds a little light to mask the darkness of deciet.
darkness has surrounded the misguided brain, but the same was tested of the heart's endless will, leading darkness to yeild.
light drives the heart to understanding, which leads darkness to retreat its lies.
the heart is safe in that temple of gold, which stands amazingly tall in these times of dispair.
the temple of gold will protect the heart because of these etchings of love and truth.
truth will carry the cross of time, destined to lead us to tomorrow.
love will always find a way because it is an extension of truth, proving that love never needs tomorrow.

If he did ever see this, he'd probably have a fit that I put it out there. He was always saying how it was not quite right yet; he needed to "tweak" it. I don't care.


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