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Friday, July 01, 2005

moving on

Okay, so I have no reason to worry about my current retail job any longer, right? After all, less than a week already have a new job, no worries... But I am concerned. Particularly because I hired someone that I know wouldn't work for me if I were staying. And because I know who is taking my spot, and It's not who I would have chosen for the postion.
The good news is that I hired another person to compensate. Katrina, are you out there? I hired a girl. That's right, a GIRL.
I did an interview today based on instinct, as in, instinct made me interview her. And I know I'll be gone, so I had my assistant sit down and talk with her, too. We both LOVE her. She's funny and nice, and she's a nut, which means she'll fit right in. We are kind of a store of "different" personalities. She's going to fit right in. Meanwhile, I have her, a boy moving here from Cali, and the boy that I don't really think is going to last duking it out for a "keyholder" position. One will be promoted, the other will be lowly sales associates. This leaves the store in spectacular shape no matter what happens.
The new manager is a lot like me. She doesn't like bullshit, she understands that what we are doing is a job and we're a part of a much bigger thing. She is fun and sincere, and she is one of the few people in this company that I respect. Why do I respect her? Because I believe she's an honest person and holds intergrity in high regard. That's important in my mind. What I'm worried about is that she SO doesn't belong in anyplace that could even possibly be misconstrued as the ghetto. Like, I don't look ghetto, but I have experience in it. This gives me patience with my pimps and the ability be humored by them. I hope she can do the same.


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