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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'll find my own way home if I wanna...

What is going on? What?! I tell you. It just doesn't add up. I once got offended because Tom, my Freshman, called me a girlie-girl. I have always thought that I am not. I couldn't see why or how he would get that. Hello, I make fun of those girls. Maybe I justify my girliness, and anything farther to the left is what I see as vain. I sit here now thinking that I probably am a girlie-girl. Because I have recently used Nair to remove the hair from my arms. No, I am not gorilla-ish, and my arm hair was blonde, but I felt I would like to not have it. My hair (ontop of my head) has not been its natural color since I was about fourteen years old. I wear makeup all the time. I have a memebership to a tanning salon and a healthclub. Yes, I live in the desert and have a tanning package. I have recently had my teeth whitened and I started a diet two weeks ago that has already helped me to drop six pounds. My nails are done and my toe nails are red. What is natural? I spout all the time that I want people to look at me and say, wow, you have pretty hair or pretty eyes; not that's some great eye makeup or where do you get your hair done. So I try to look natural by being unnatural? What is my problem?


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