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Friday, July 22, 2005

At the Ripe Ole' Age of 25.

At the ripe ole' age of 25, I have finally figured out how to combat a really sucky problem. The problem: I develope crushes on people when I first meet them if a)They are older than me; or b)they are experienced in whatever new situation I have come to that has caused me to meet them.

It started when I was in high school. Piercing Pagoda Mike. Mike was HOT. I was seventeen when I met him, he was 20. SSOOOOOOOOO smart. He never DIDN'T have a girlfriend. When he was done with one, he would continue on with her as he cheated on her until she found out and dumped him. He would then stay with New Girl until the cycle repeated itself. Then it was Kevin. I love Kevin, still consider him a good friend (even though our talk is minimal these days). I was 18, he was 20. Lived on my floor in the dorms, EXTREMELY intelligent, good looking, and had a thing for my roommate (yeah, Kevin, if you're reading this, I knew [lol!]). Now at this new job I have someone like this who is, let's call it "unavailable." He too is older, brilliant, and good looking.

But I notice my pattern. I only "like" him because a)I'm in a new situation, b)he is the one helping me through the transition period, and c)he's older. They're all smart, but for me that's still a prerequisite no matter how old the guy is. I'm keeping that standard. That's right, Mike helped me transition into the mall with my new job, Kevin into college, and now SomeOne into what may possibly become my career.
So I curbed it, and in hind sight (which I choose to use this time), Ican see that I have a much better success rate and ACTUAL feelings (that go beyond clinging to something imaginary) with YOUNGER GUYS. These are the guys that have seemed to pan out best for me. And, as my ID gets studied like it's a freakin prize from a CrackerJax box everywhere I go, it shouldn't be too odd =).


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