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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

aawwww, sappy heart love friend stuff

hey jen,
sorry i didnt call you last night. I passed out as soon as i put the book down, cause i was gonna wake up at 5 to continue studying, (which i did), believe it or not. i had not read one chapter the whole quater, and we went up to chapter 8, oops. but anyway, i did fine on the final, somehow. God must have heard my prayer, and i got an A in the class. i am at the gym right now, of course checking if paul wrote me back, which he didnt. Oh my God am i sprung, he has the touch, let me tell you, the guy knows what he is doing to have me like this, lol.well fuck him, lol.

have you heard from aaron or not yet. what else is going on with you. you know, ive really been thinking it over, and it would just be literally a dream come true if you and Sandy moved back, I dont think id have to ask for anything else, i would just take everything else as it comes, as long as i had you two, there would always be a way to feel good about something, just like before, you might not realize it but besides help from my family, it was you and your sister who kept me a sane person and taught me that "everything no matter what, is gonna be ok, especially cause we have each other, I thank God for that every chance i get. you two are angels in my life, and that really is how i look at you both. let sandra take a look at this to, cause its for her just as much as it is for you. i want you both to know also that whenever you think i forgot about you, that would never happen for the simple fact that i need you both,not want to have you guys in my life but need you in my life, and i couldnt put it into any other words. i know you guys got to do what you got to do, but im not gonna stop letting you know that i want you both back here now and i cant wait till you do because something that completed me is missing and it doesnt have to be. i want to experience 21 and my young years and hard terrible times with you guys here and nobody else, I know life is full of changes but i just hate it here without you guys and i cant take this being one of the changes that i have to live with, and it really does break me apart. just want to let you know i love you both from the bottom of my heart and always will.



  • This is the reason I love Francesca. We speak the same language.

    By Blogger KandyS8o, at 10:00 PM  

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