Dreft; and Things Just Like It.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I'm torn about work. Crazy, maybe, but I like my job. I enjoy my crew, as quirky as they may be, and I care whether or not we succeed. I want to see us get a larger space in my mall. That's right - mall. I work with the teeny-boppers and the thugs. I listen to 50 Cent and "Holla Back Gurl" all day long. I am in a kiosk. A KIOSK. A store that's trending over 500 thousand dollars this year (in HATS; have some perspective on the amount of business we do) in a space that is precisely 100 square feet. It's really hard on everybody. I don't think any of my girls get paid enough (that's right, girls; I have an entirely female staff) for the amount of work that they do. And when I leave, well, I hope that they'll be okay. I am torn between making it so that I'm irreplaceable (that's not ego, it is a true possibility) or making it so that they have a smooth transition. So far I am taking the higher road. I am trying to pad the store with more associates so that when I go they won't be working like crazy (they're ALL students). I am fighting tooth and nail for a non-kiosk space, and today introduced my Regional Vice President to the gravity of the situation that is our every workday life.
But I've lost my ability to sell. I just don't feel like it. I don't feel like helping a company advance that I have no respect for. On the lower level it is no big deal if you like the company or not. Starting with middle management (hi! that's me), it becomes an issue. I am underpaid based on retail manager structure and deal with more BS than the norm because of the kiosk situation. I am making money at the pay rate that the crappy manager of last year created. I, however, am up 52% on the quarter, and 51.5% on the fiscal year. What does that mean? It means that the manager this time next year will have a bigger paycheck than I have right now based on MY numbers. When you work 50 hours a week and get paid minimally, well, it's not exactly motivational.
But I've lived with this for 4 months. I wouldn't have taken the job if it was that much of an issue. After all, I don't pay rent, my car is paid off, and my primary bills are for student loans. But that, coupled with my pure and unbridled... distaste... for my supervisor, along with the Jenny situation, are too much. I can handle any combination of two of these things, but three are just too much. So I feel I should explain the "Jenny Situation." Jenny got robbed while working at another store. She was by herself because everyone decided they wanted to leave early on a Saturday night. And she got robbed. They couldn't guarantee her her job, so she put in her notice. A week later another store had the same think happen. Jenny was told she didn't need to work out her notice, she could just leave. I am leaving a whole lot of things out here, but that's the skinny of it. What I am most pissed about is that on the night of the robbery, a whole bunch of things that should have been done by Jenny's manager (my direct supervisor), were not taken care of. The entire thing was handled incorrectly, by someone who gets paid more than me, and even more to evaluate me, and because someone needs to be held responsible, Jenny was used as a scape-goat. I will not, WILL NOT! tolerate it. They lost a good employee with her, and they are going to lose another with me because of it.
When this woman calls, I kid you not, my blood boils. I can't stand the sound of her voice. I can't stand the fake act she puts on as she tries to make herself come off as the hero in every situation. What happened to Jenny wouldn't have happened in my store. My girls would not have left early. "But she didn't even know they left" is all I keep hearing. That just further exemplifies her utter lack of control over her store. Funny, she comes to my store twice a month to evaluate my performance. I am so mad about it right now I am having a hard time typing.


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