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Friday, June 24, 2005

So I got a new job. I'm kind of scared ~ it's an adult job. I'm a total nerd, because I take for granted that I get things I want. I work hard and expect return. Therefore, I have a fat resume, only apply for jobs I am qualified for, and use my stellar charisma to woe my interviewers. I make the assumption that I will get whatever I apply for. Is that confidence, conceit, or narcissism? Who cares? I realize it's big-headed, but I'm not too worried about it :).
My resume is all over the internet. I am on Monster, Career Builder, and I post it independently for companies I am interested in. I applied at two places in the mall, just in case. When I say this, I mean Okay, if I'm not qualified for anything "out there" then I still want to leave my job; I can work just about anywhere I want to in the mall. I had two interviews one place and three at the other. One made me an offer and one is still up in the air about my price. Fuck her; I'm worth it. As far at the internet applications have been going, well, I got about fourteen responses in a week and a half. I was interested in two of them. By "interested," I mean that two of them met my working condition, my scheduling condition, and my salary request. If I am not desperate (as I was still employed through all of this), then why should I settle for anything less?
Both jobs are desirable. The one that paid more, however, is temporary. It pays exactly 5 dollars a day higher than the other job. This is $25 a week, and for all of you non-math geniuses out there (or anyone educated in Nevada), that is a difference of $1300 a year. That's right, every dollar adds up. Smile at your 25 cent raise. Problem is, if the job only lasts for four weeks, then I'm back at square one. So I was really pulling for job number 2. I land an interview. They tell me to expect to be in the interview for four hours (!) and give me directions.
I looked very professional and cute going in. I forfeited my look-my-age-and-like-I-live-in-Vegas usual make up for my natural-you-look-like-you're-not-old-enough-to-buy-cigarettes make up. I drove to Henderson, what I believe is the ONLY suburb of Las Vegas, to a really nice, new, large office building. I met the girl I've been speaking to, Danielle, at the front desk. She has me fill out some paperwork. While I am doing this, I hear light conversation and laughter in the room next to us. I notice to get past the reception area, you need a magnetic card-key. The decor is late 90s blocked bold colors. Think the girls' apartment on Friends. Danielle takes me into a conference room and tells me that Corie would be with me in a moment. Cut to Frasier's apartment; this is the color scheme of the conference room, with a big square black marble table in the middle. On our way to this room, there were "open cubicles" (bigger than normal, walls only partially surrounding them). Everyone was dressed nicely, not a sole in khakis or a hat. I was in heaven!!
Corie and I hit it off well. She is from Vancouver (for all you Nevadans, that's in Canada), has two kids, and has been in Vegas for eight years. We talked for about 45 minutes, and she told me Danielle would be back for me in a minute. Danielle comes back and fiddles with a lap top sitting on the desk. She tells me that there's a computer test I need to take; open the door when I am finished. The test is simple; customer service based questions. I finish it, open the door, and Danielle comes back to tell me that Nancy will be right with me to continue the interview. A few minutes later, Nancy comes in. She and I got along even better than Corie and I had. Nancy has two kids, one who plays football in college, and is from New Jersey. We talked for another 45 minutes or so, and she said things like "If you give your job your two weeks, when would be the earliest you could start, IF we hired you?" She left and told me Danielle would be with me soon. Danielle comes back and tells me I need to do another test. This one is like computer solitaire. There is a pyramid. On the far left are the words "Least Important," On the far left "Most Important," and in the middle under the center column of the pyramid is "Somewhat Important." There are little cards that keep popping up with work-related priorities on them. One was Team Work, another was Room for Advancement, another Support, etc. You could only put so many in each column and rank your priorities from most important to least. I, in what seems to me to be obvious, put "Supervision" in the Least Important box. Why? Because I have worked without supervision for over 4 years. I am the boss at my job, and I don't need anyone to tell me to do something for it to get done in a timely, productive, quality-resulting way.
So Danielle doesn't come back. Five minutes go by, then ten, now twenty. I am counting the bolts on the wainscoting. Finally Nancy comes back in. "Sandra, we just had a question about one of the responses on your computer test. You put "Don't like supervision." They all think you have a problem with authority. You know that here you will have a supervisor, right?"
HELLO. Come on. The screen said Most Important to Least Important, not Like and Dislike.
I explained to her how I interpreted it, and she said something like "that's what I assumed you meant. Okay, well, we'll give you a call. I'll walk you out."
Now I am convinced I pissed someone off and I blew the job interview. So I go home. And I am sad. I decide to sleep on it. Should I take the temp job? I put in my two weeks notice the day they offered it to me and told them that I'd let them know by Wednesday (that was the day of this other interview). So I didn't call them, hoping for a call back on this permanent job. On Thursday morning, having heard nothing on Wednesday, I told the temp place I'd take the job. Walking down to my car to go to work, still sad about the favored job, my phone rings. It's HR at the place from yesterday, calling to offer me a position! Happy me! You don't even know!
So I start July 11th, 6AM. That's right, 6AM. Monday through Thursday, 9 hour days, and four hours on Friday to make up 40 hours. My official title will be Retail Communications Specialist, and I will never work on a holiday as long as I am with this place. I am SO EXCITED.


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