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Monday, April 25, 2005

People die every day, right?

So I can't save the world. Neither can you. And there's nothing that we can do about that. But we can live as decent people; if we feel that something is right, do it, and if not, stay away. We can be there for those that need us no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. The people I bother to care about are my heart. There are very few, but they mean the world to me. So what happens when you know that someone you love is taking the wrong path? Or when you know that they are in a crappy position, and no matter what they do is going to be hard, but they're taking the path of least resistnace?
So I have to tell the story, right?
There was a car accident. And it occurred because a) there was drunk driving involved, and b) there was immaturity involved.
Now someone is dead.
And someone is in jail.
But everyone who knows about this has a different opinion as to who was right, wrong, at fault, whatever. My personal opinion is that everyone is at fault. Who lets people drive drunk, especially irrate people? I'll tell you who; the people who live life saying, "I have control. That happens to
other people, that won't happen to me."
And it pisses me off.

The long and short of it is this: Girls A and B start bar fight with Girls C and D, and C's brother, E. All get kicked out, girl C gets in her car, girls A and B chase her (in there car). E gets in his car, D gets in her car, they follow. A and B tailgate C, trying to ram her car. When they get neck and neck, E gets next to them, also fooling around. D is behind everyone, not playing bumper cars. Girl A loses control of her car, drives off the road, hits a house. Girl B dies.

We think girl A is being held for murder. This is hearsay, we don't know for sure.


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