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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Passing Judgement on Yourself

I never know if I am reacting correctly; am I being over-sensitive? Am I right on? Who's to decide something like that? Because if I am too extreme for someone, am I really too extreme, or are they too blase'? And if you decide to answer that question, who are you to judge? Would you base that opinion (yes, opinion) on your life experience or society standards? Is there any other way to base that opinion?

So I am a little bit philisophical sometimes. Only sometimes. Most of the time I am not worried about it. But when I am, boy am I! And it was one of these times that caused me to get into a fight with a good friend. He, without realizing it, implied that I am stupid.

Now let me tell you; I am irresponsible, opinionated, somewhat unreasonable AND illogical, and disorganized. But I am intelligent. I always did very well scholastically. And I take great pride in that ~ therefore I am not a fan of being called stupid.

Now it is my illogical side that got me mad in the first place, because Lord knows that poor Tom had no intention of pissing me off. And I don't think he realized what he was saying. On a normal day, I would have turned cheek and been okay, but not on this day.

As a result, I have not spoken to my little friend in almost a week, and I feel really bad. But not bad enough to call him.


  • I get what you mean, I'm exactly like that too sometimes. It seems really messed up, because you don't know what to think or how to act.

    By Blogger Pink Cadillac, at 7:55 PM  

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