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Saturday, April 30, 2005

No matter what.

I have had two friends that have recently posed friendship questions to me; this baffles me because in my mind real friendship is not a questionable thing. Or idea. Nevermind; don't feel like being philisophical at the moment.... Anyhow, durring a miscommunication, one said something to the effect of, "Are we still friends?". Come on now, we have to argue in order to be friends, otherwise we're just humorring each other! The other friend said, "San, you love me, right? I mean, no matter what? Because sometimes I do some stupid things, and I know it." Okay, the answer is YES. To ANY of my friends who might be reading this EVER (even though I know that you either lost the URL or don't care enough to use it (so why am I typing you a side note anyway, jerk?!). That's what makes us friends. Besides that, I make stupid choices all the time. And I expect you to be there for me before, durring, and when the result blow up in my face. For all of you potheads, and you know who you are, you know that I am kid from a drug family. And to all of you that have everything handed to you by someone else, you know that I work for EVERYthing I have in my life. Do I love you? I sure do, or I wouldn't bother. Without the people in your life, what do you really have? What makes a friend is the ability to stand by them, even if you don't necessarily agree with what they're doing. As long as you let them know how you feel, and they should respect that, let them make their own choices. And YOU need to respect THAT. That's what I try to do. WOW I babbled. The Answer is YES, I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT.


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